Below you will find a range of resources for nurses and healthcare organisations offering advice and tips from our nursing recruitment experts. Whether you’re an employer looking to recruit the best nurses on the market or a nurse thinking about their next career move, you’ll find all the information you need!

How to Hire International Nurses

Recruiting international nurses lets UK-based healthcare organisations cast their nets across the ocean and tap into a wider talent pool. And given

May Nurse of the Month – Zinhle Mpofu

At WESolutions, we do not believe that our responsibility comes to an end when we help a great nurse secure a new

What are the Benefits of Hiring Through a Nursing Agency?

The ongoing nursing shortage means that all healthcare organisations are struggling to find the staff they need, so many are deciding to partner with a

8 Nursing Interview Questions and Answers for RMNs

No matter where you’re at in your career, getting a new job means having to show a new employer what you’re made

How Much Do Permanent Nurses Get Paid?

Now, we all know that people don’t become nurses for the money! It’s a higher calling where kind-hearted souls (that’s you) choose

Which is the Best Nursing Agency to Work For?

If you’re an agency nurse, you’re much more likely to enjoy a certain amount of control over your life – from when