How Overseas Nurses and Midwives can prepare for the recruitment competency tests

  The recruitment competency tests is a two-stage test taken by aspiring nurses and midwives before being duly recognized as part of

Important Things Overseas Nurses and Midwives must know about job opportunities in the UK

  For Nurses and Midwives who trained overseas, applying for job opportunities in the UK might prove an arduous task. But with

Nursing and Midwifery Job Opportunities in the UK for Overseas Nurses and Midwives

In the past one year, 6 July 2018, to be precise, all job applications for nursing positions were free from the Tier

Recruitment Procedures for Overseas Nurses Who Wants to Work in the UK

Overseas nurses and midwives can work in the UK. And there are presently no restrictions on the number of applicants that are

New Immigration Change for Nurses Welcomed by NHS Groups

A recent decision to relax the rules concerning nurses immigrating into the UK from outside the EU has been met with positive

Recruiting Overseas Nurses

Whether your organisation has tons of experience with recruiting nurses from abroad, or you’ve yet to venture into this option, WE Solutions